Are you looking up my nose? Positioning of your web cam!


Proper positioning of your web cam in a virtual meeting


What if the first thing the you see when you log in to a webinar is this?


Ewwwww…………….nostrils, nose hair and a VERY unflattering face angle?  Really?  You are better than that!  You can DO better than that!

If this is the first thing your attendees see when they log in to your next virtual meeting, webinar or online event do you think they will likely question the confidence and leadership of the meeting?  Of COURSE they will!  But they won’t say one word about it.  The bar is still set very very low for engaging online meetings and virtual events.


 Positioning of your web cam

During a virtual meeting we are hopefully all working toward adapting our in-person skills to the virtual environment.  Unless you are extremely tall or extremely short you typically won’t experience this type of sharp angle when you meet someone in-person.  Even if there is an extreme height difference in-person the nose isn’t usually the first thing you notice as in virtual presentations. The 3D experience is much different than the 2D experience.


Here is an example of the lengths I go to in order to achieve the best camera angle if I don’t have access to an external web cam

 Positioning of your web cam

This photo was taken in my dining room while prepping to be on camera.  Since I travel so much for work I also find things in hotel rooms to prop the computer on.  I have used ice buckets, coffee machines and even pillows!


If you share your web cam stories with me I will provide complimentary feedback on the design of your virtual office space.  We love real time stories about YOU!  Please send an email to


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About the author: Kimberli Allen

About the author: Kimberli Allen

Kimberli Allen, Principal and Founder of Everything Webinar, LLC, is an international communication and presentation skills expert. She has acquired 20+ years experience as a corporate trainer, coach and entrepreneur (both virtual and in-person). Kimberli has designed numerous customized training programs, worked with such clients as Nike, Cisco, GlaxoSmithKline, and TAB Products, and personally coached thousands of clients in more than 32 countries. When Kimberli is not leading a training program or launching new products to enhance communication and presentation skills around the globe, you can find her competing in a duathlon or triathlon with her two daughters.