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I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Kimberli in a professional capacity and I’d have to say she is amazing! She knows her stuff, she’s extremely helpful, responsive, and upbeat. If you have a chance to do business with her, you won’t be disappointed.

Eva Lane

In researching the best fit for a client’s series of live webinars, I discovered Everything Webinar and Kimberli. My luck!! it is times like this that creates magic for a client’s learning initiatives and UNIVentures’ relationships. Kimberli and the EW team are excellent to work with and the client has the best there is in EW’s support and services. Thank you!

Candice Cox Founder and CEO UNIVentures

Kimberli Allen is an expert and wonderful to work with. She really knows her stuff and has helped me improve my online presentations as a Certified Coach and Professional Speaker. I highly recommend Kimberli.

Jennifer Blankl Relationship/Marriage Coach 

Ten plus years ago, it was the cloud transformation. Today, we are including the virtual communication transformation as a must-have to drive business operations. As the global pandemic drove us all to meet virtually, our skills to run a business through virtual meetings is sorely lacking in quality and delivering the required results. Sales, Marketing, Operations, etc. have all been impacted dramatically. In comes Everything Webinar! With over 100 years of combined virtual meeting experience, Kimberli Allen’s team is impacting businesses across the globe. Through Everything Webinar’s comprehensive products, they have trained and provided consulting services to thousands of individual contributors lacking virtual meeting skills. I would highly recommend your company invest in the enhancement of your people’s virtual skills, leveraging the Everything Webinar Team. The value is a more effective RevOps company.

Brian McKibben Sr Account Executive

Professional training for a virtual world! I personally appreciated the advice and tips Kimberli offered during our office audit. I encourage everyone to support women owned Corporations!

Rose Pattern

After virtually “attending” a presentation by Everything Webinar, I felt much more confident in my ability to present material during a virtual presentation. They have so many little tips and tricks that seem obvious but really elevate your online presence.

Cory Beckman

Everything Webinar has been a leader in web event structure since the introduction of web events. If you’re looking to simplify, streamline and present with confidence, I strongly recommend this company.

James Keil Owner, The Keil Partnership

I have personally known Kimberli Allen for several years, and she has built an incredible business from the ground up. I am a big fan of their Presentation Structure Template which gives you all the information you need to create a killer presentation that stands out from the crowd.

Jeany Park CEO at Tree Swing Video

I have been using Everything Webinar’s unique template to create my webinars and I highly recommend it. It has simplified and improved my presentations and helped me communicate my message very clearly and keep my audience engaged.

Adi Klevitt Process and Management Consultant

I just implemented the tips in the Presentation Structure Template & User Guide… If you are new to training or you need to overhaul your presentations, this step-by-step template and user guide is the perfect tool to get you going! The template provides a proven recipe for building your deck, and the user guide includes recommendations for timing, Adult Learning Theory, interactivity, and much more… It’s simple and time-saving so that you can build consistent, repeatable presentations that are effective in the virtual space!

Barbara Potter Virtual Training Consultant

Kimberli really knows the Zoom platform. She helps with presentation to help you get your virtual meetings looking professional and polished! I would highly recommend them.

Margaret E

Kimberli’s presentation skill were top notch. She was able to give this relative novice some very good training and tips for conducting my own virtual meetings. I imagine she can also help those who are experts

David Balk Vice President Umpqua Investments, Inc.

I’ve worked with Kimberli Allen over several years with presentation and professionalism services offered to both our students and faculty. Her knowledge and experience providing feedback in both virtual and traditional settings for the college has been invaluable. Not only is she able to adapt her instruction to our needs, she is also timely and responsive. I highly recommend the services provided by Kimberli Allen and Everything Webinar!

Jennifer Clayton MBA, R.T.(R)(CT)(ARRT) (Diagnostic Imaging Program Director)
(Linn-Benton Community College)

The training programs this company provides are very helpful resources and VERY user friendly. Virtual is where we are headed as a society.

Arianna Bath

When my Mom first showed me the template I thought it was so simple and easy to read even a third-grader could create a presentation! I also wondered why this type of tool isn’t available at our school.

Emali Allen GenZ Consultant

Everything Webinar’s Presentation Structure Template – “This is GREAT!  Wish I had this sooner!”


Kimberli Allen is Germane Coaching & Consulting’s go-to expert for on-line and in-person presentation development and design. We use her templates, follow her guidelines and trusted advice. When I first met Kimberli she committed to solve our problems and make things easier for us.” She exceeded that promise, with excellent customer service, positive can-do attitude, and a smile.

Anne Perschel (President) (Germane Coaching & Consulting)

Kimberli was amazing!! Very engaging!!

Kimberli is the best instructor at any company course I’ve attended.  The class was so well executed and taught.  I learned a lot.

Courtney (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli has a great attitude and smiled the entire day.  She kept the class upbeat and fun!

Taylor (Global Healthcare Company)

Great class Kimberli!  Love the energy and content of the class.

Jacari (Global Healthcare Company)

I will definitely recommend this class to my co-workers.

Rachelle (Global Healthcare Company)

Excellent class and leader – very energetic and fun.

Jill (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli does a great job of disarming the group which promotes good discussion.  She is engaging and pleasant.

Shannon (Global Healthcare Company)

I believe this course course helped to identify stresses.  Kimberli is an excellent communicator and educator.  I appreciate how she is willing to answer follow up questions and make herself available.

Allen (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is a great speaker!

Christopher (Global Healthcare Company)

There was never a dull moment!

Liezel (Global Healthcare Company)

Sara (Global Healthcare Company)

This program was a great introduction to design curriculum.

Shell (Global Healthcare Company)

The smaller classroom setting is something I prefer. This class seemed so intimate and we were to receive lots of attention from Kimberli!

Dana (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is great.

Kathleen (Global Healthcare Company)

I really appreciated Kimberli’s style of teaching and engaging the audience.

Bethany (Global Healthcare Company)

So much usable content! I especially found useful the slide/Powerpoint design suggestion

Angel (Global Healthcare Company)

The best piece of advice: Always smile when speaking in public whether you are nervous or not.

Brigette (Global Healthcare Company)

I really appreciated Kimberli’s feedback on my speech and non-native English speaking skills.

Jane (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli provided friendly attention to all individuals so all of us were able to meet our learning goals, needs and objectives.

Christina (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli really enforced how to properly use PowerPoint in any situation and how to enhance the visuals for communication enforcement

Jin (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli gave very useful suggestions to improve my overall presentations. Thank you.

Charles (Global Healthcare Company)

When it comes to optimizing and executing an online presentation or interaction, I’ve not met a more skilled teacher than Kimberli. I’ve worked with Kimberli on several occasions, and she has helped me tremendously with the quality of our webinars and other online delivery methods. When I say she helped me, she really helped my audience and clients, as my own presentations turned out to be pretty flat. She understands adult learning, what grabs attention, and calls to action that deliver conversions. As a General Sales Manager, that makes me happy inside. As an added bonus, Kimberli always brings positive energy to every environment. She is an absolute joy to work with. I enthusiastically recommend Kimberli for any business using digital methods of presentation and communication.

James Keil  (Lunar Logic)

Kimberli: It was great working with you. You’re guidance and support on presenting effective web presentations is unsurpassed. You brought humor and expertise together to insure that preparing for and presenting in this format was non-threatening and yet highly effective for beginning presenters.

Bob Duncan (VP of Sales)

“Having done a few online / virtual presentations in the past, I was confident that there wasn’t much I could learn from Kimberli. Boy, was I surprised. Everything she taught me I’ve taken into all of my presentations, including those I do in person, not just online. All of my meetings with Kimberli were a treat: she’s so energetic, insightful, and fun that it made the work that much easier.”

Bryan Andrachuk (Software Support Specialist)  (TAB Fusion RMS Support)

“I recently took part in some training conducted by Tom Drews on the topic of virtual presentations and conducting effective virtual meetings using WebEx, I found Tom to be an engaging presenter with a sense of humour who has a great ability to keep the training on track and ensure that all participants are following. The training was backed up with a few individual Coaching Sessions conducted by Kimberli Allen and this ensured that I was able to practice what I learnt and then be coached on my effectiveness of the application of my learnings. I highly recommend their combination training to anyone who wants to improve their virtual meetings or presentations.”

Paulette Ansara (Talent Acquisition Strategy & Planning)  (APJC Lead at Cisco Systems)

“I attended an Intercultural Awareness training class and a Presenting With Impact class from Kimberli. She is a very good teacher! She is fun, energetic enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The training I received from Kimberli made an immediate difference in my entire life (not just my professional life). I am a better person because of it. Thank you Kimberli!”

Jeffrey (Sr. Product Development Engineer)

“Kimberli taught “Presenting with Impact” class at Philips and was an incredibly effective and insightful teacher who was able to engage all participants regardless of their initial presentation skills level. I was particularly impressed by her attention to detail and techniques she used with the non-native speakers. Kimberli was skilful and motivating. She was able to find a personalized approach to every student and create an atmosphere that inspired learning.”

Julia Dmitrevia (DBA, MPA, RDMS, RVT, RDCS Senior Global Product Manager)

“Kimberli was engaging and informative.  Great instructor!  This is a great program and education for sales teams”.

Bryan (Global Healthcare Company)

“Kimberli, this program was incredibly helpful!  Thank you!”

Donna (Global Healthcare Company)

“The 1:1 coaching was an incredible useful hour due to the personalized and professional guiding I received to improve my communication using WebEx.

Based on a short presentation, I had very useful feedback on my slides, as well as my presentation style (voice and video) over WebEx”

Florian Hartman (Cisco)

Kimberli had great energy and so flexible with our start time issues!

Jennifer (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli provided a strong presentation and really stood out as an industry professional.  She was assertive and unafraid to put people on the spot when needed.

Matthew (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli was very friendly and approachable.

Melissa (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli was very engaging.

Ryan (Global Healthcare Company)

This training was a very pleasant full day of learning.

Anonymous (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is very engaging!

Michael (Global Healthcare Company)


Kimberli was very tolerant of some VERY challenging personalities. A few
times they tried to dominate the class and she would stay on topic.

Hans (Global Healthcare Company)


Very engaging training!! Everything was presented with sensitivity to
individual needs.

William (Global Healthcare Company)


VERY engaging training Kimberli!!

Anonymous (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli was fantastic!!

Justin (Global Healthcare Company)

Very good course! I will have more confidence when giving presentations!

Jason (Global Healthcare Company)

This was a great class! Many great take aways. This program is immediately
applicable to my job. I will definitely recommend this class to my

Pumi (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli easily kept everyone’s attention and interest.  She moved everyone ahead in their new skill set.

Andy (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli was an amazing facilitator!  She has great energy!

Jackie (Global Healthcare Company)

I enjoyed the class, Kimberli is great!

Teresa (Global Healthcare Company)

Thanks Kimberli!  I enjoyed myself all day and received a lot of great tools to help me!

Gina (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli has a great attitude and kept the class engaged!  Great course.  I really enjoyed it.

Chris (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is the best instructor at any Philips course I’ve attended.  The class was so well executed and taught.  I learned a lot.

Courtney (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli has a great attitude and smiled the entire day.  She kept the class upbeat and fun!

Taylor (Global Healthcare Company)

Great class Kimberli!  Love the energy and content of the class.

Jacari (Global Healthcare Company)

I will definitely recommend this class to my co-workers.

Rachelle (Global Healthcare Company)

Excellent class and leader – very energetic and fun.

Jill (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli does a great job of disarming the group which promotes good discussion.  She is engaging and pleasant.

Shannon (Global Healthcare Company)

I believe this course course helped to identify stresses.  Kimberli is an excellent communicator and educator.  I appreciate how she is willing to answer follow up questions and make herself available.

Allen (Global Healthcare Company)

(Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is a great speaker!

Christopher (Global Healthcare Company)

There was never a dull moment!

Liezel (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli did such a great job!  She adapted to a smaller class size (we had a last minute mandatory All-Hands meeting) on the fly and accomplished the goals set by the attendees.

Anonymous (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli kept my easily kept my attention the entire day!  This isn’t easy to do as I am also a trainer so I am always skeptical of other training programs.  The program was fun, interactive and I did not look at the clock the entire day.  Kimberli’s energy to keep a group of adult learners engaged all day is incredible.

Gayle (Global Healthcare Company)

I really enjoy Kimberli’s energy and style as an instructor. The class was well balanced with material and exercises.

Cindy (Global Healthcare Company)

Learning to introduce myself in less than a minute is SUCH a value!

David (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is very personable and kept the class interesting and alive.

Aaron (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is so positive and that made me feel positive throughout the day!

Mike (Global Healthcare Company)

I feel like I could learn a lot more from Kimberli. If there is a class that is 2 or even 3 days I will sign up!

Cindy (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli held my attention ALL day and I learned significantly more in this course than I anticipated.

Kelsey (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is a excellent presenter and very energetic instructor!!

Cindy (Global Healthcare Company)

Such a great course. I learned a lot of practical techniques to improve my presentation skills and stage presence.

Anonymous (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli taught me my presentation isn’t about me, it is about the audience. This was a new concept for me. It is my job to take care of the audience and ensure they have a great experience. Definitely life changing perspective.

Elise (Global Healthcare Company)

This course is fantastic!  Kimberli is a great facilitator.

April (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli a very confident and knowledgeable presenter.  She gave me a lot of useful information on how to improve my presentation skills.

Manager (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is extremely passionate, friendly and makes presenting comfortable.  Presenting in public is the least comfortable life skill and Kimberli made it comfortable.  This is a fantastic course with a fantastic instructor.

Tiffany (Global Healthcare Company)

This a very eye-opening class on discovering skill set that can be applied to presentations.  Kimberli is fantastic.  Thanks so much

Mary (Global Healthcare Company)

This was one of the best training programs I have ever been to.

Mark (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli was a very engaging and effective leader.  I had some take aways that I didn’t expect.

John (Global Healthcare Company)

The class was informative and helpful!  Awesome job!  Thank you!

Christian (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli kept us on track and kept the class energetic.  I would take this class again next year as a refresher.

Dana (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli has a wonderful positive energy and carries the class very well.  The course was great.  A lot of information that was/is useful.

Brandon (Global Healthcare Company)

Great job Kimberli!  You have great energy!

Bo (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli was great! She brought great energy, was very knowledgeable and not overwhelming.  The class was great.  This will definitely help me with my job.

Daniel (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is an amazing teacher.  She was able to impart direct takeaways from the training that are applicable to my job.

Rick (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is an excellent classroom presenter. As A CPLP, all the toppings in the class were rigorously addressed in the ATD Learning Environment.  It was a credit to the instructor that I was not bored!!

Henry (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is fun and very knowledgeable in her field.  She is also a good listener.


(Global Healthcare Company)

The class was fun, and I enjoyed the instructor.

Rachel (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is  AWESOME!!  Enjoyed small groups.  Great networking and relationship building opportunity.

Serena (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli kept everyone’s attention and interspersed personal examples which helped clarify the material.  Great introduction to internal consulting!

Susan (Global Healthcare Company)

Most beneficial topic was getting me in the consulting mindset.  This is very beneficial to my work with new teams.  I always learn something new with Kimberli!

Derik (Global Healthcare Company)

Excellent class!

Tom (Global Healthcare Company)

Absolutely excellent!  Kimberli was definitely an effective communicator!

Erin (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is an excellent course leader!

Aaron (Global Healthcare Company)

The most beneficial topic was developing strategies on how to deal with upset people.

Breanne (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli was very engaged with all of us!  Loved the feedback and the class!

Lacee (Global Healthcare Company)

I loved Kimberli’s Design Template.  Great idea on how to structure presentations!

Robin (Global Healthcare Company)

The class was a good pace.

Erin (Global Healthcare Company)

This course was so helpful!  I will most definitely use these tools in my career.

Terrie (Global Healthcare Company)

This was a very good class.  I learned things about myself I didn’t know before.

Devon (Global Healthcare Company)

I especially appreciate Kimberli’s willingness and ability to deviate from the schedule slightly to focus on the individual needs of a diverse group.

Annie (Global Healthcare Company)

Such a great and fun class!

Kenny (Global Healthcare Company)

Great content and great interaction with the group.  Kimberli was easily able to relate the content to real world situations.


(Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli’s energy was AWESOME and MUCH appreciated after some other trainings I have seen.

Anonymous (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli was an excellent instructor.  Both knowledgeable and engaging.

Devin (Global Healthcare Company)

Great job to Kimberli! Thank you!

Jen (Global Healthcare Company)

Kimberli is super friendly and outgoing!

Kelly (Global Healthcare Company)