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In less than 5 minutes you could support a Woman-Owned Business


As you may know, Everything Webinar turned 17 this year!  That’s right, we have been a Woman-Owned Business for over 17 years.  We have coached and trained over 8,500 humans in 33 countries.  Making your life easier one presentation at a time is our passion.  Please share your success stories by taking 5 minutes of your day to help us continue to grow and support you as the world transitions to a new communication landscape.

📢Have we supported you in all things Virtual?

📢Designed a Webinar?

📢Designed a Slide Deck

📢Completed 1:1 Presentation Skills Coaching?

📢Produced an Online Event?

📢Or maybe you have completed your Virtual Office Audit?


If so, may we please ask you to leave us a Google Review?


google review


Here are the simple steps to complete a review:


  1. The first step is to log into your Google Account.

*If you don’t have Google Account then you can set one up via instructions at the bottom of this blog

  1. Follow this link to the Everything Webinar Company Page and you will see the image below (with your image!)


  1. You can then choose how many stars you would like to leave! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  2. There is space to share details of your own experience
  3. Then press POST
  4. Voilà – Review is done
  5. The team at Everything Webinar is grateful for your support 🙏


*to sign up for a Google Account click the following link:



Thank you for your support, we appreciate you so much. You are helping a women-owned business continue to rock the world of virtual engagement.


google review


Always feel free to reach out to info@everythingwebinar to schedule a Coaching sessionTraining program or book a Virtual Office Audit and further explore your training options.

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About the author: Everything Webinar

About the author: Everything Webinar

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