How to do a webinar?

Successful webinar will send your message to a group of people in a inexpensive, fun and interactive way. To do that you need to be well prepared, well rehearsed, have excellent content and use appropriate software.

Interested in how to do a Webinar? Here are the basic steps:

1. Identify your message and your target audience
how to do a webinar
This is the base of everything. You need to know what is your webinar about, what message do you want to send to your attendees and who are they, who is your target audience.

Those people needs to be interested in your message, the webinar should be useful to them and the webinar itself should be useful to you.

So take a moment and think about your message and people that will attend your webinar.

2. Schedule your webinar and invite people to register
Scheduling a webinar is a tricky part because you need to find a date when most of your potential attendees can participate, you need to align it with your own schedule, and the most important part, you need to leave yourself enough time to create an excellent content, not to mention time you need for rehearsal in front of a live audience if you want to do it right.

After you picked your date, go to your software, enter the kick of date and invite people to register. Remember, when the date is set and when the invitations are out there, you are committed and there is no turning back. So get your stuff together and start preparing some amazing content.

3. Prepare your content
The best tools or software will not help you if you haven’t done the right job in preparing yourself for the big day when a group of people will be with you in a virtual environment, eager to hear what you have to say. Write down everything, create your graphics, videos, or hire professionals to do it for you.

Remember that you need time for it. If you think that you can do everything two days before the kick off, you are very much wrong. You need time if you want to impress your audience.

4. Rehearse
coaching theater for webinars
This is the most important step. Having a presentation in a virtual environment is not an easy thing even if you have experience with live presentations or public speech. You need to rehearse and you need to simulate the environment of a webinar.

So grab your friends, make some rehearsals on Skype or Google Hangouts, or hire a professional that will rehearse with you in a professional environment, do it until your presentation is perfect, and then rehearse some more.

5. Start your webinar
Now is the time for you to shine. Use everything you have prepared, be confident, and be ready to improvise if something goes wrong. Remember that during a webinar you are in interaction with your audience, they are not here just to listen, for a successful webinar you need people to participate.

So use all the tricks you have upon your sleeve, chat with them in the chat box, share documents, let them express their opinion, etc. Make it educational, fun and make sure that they have received your message.

6. Evaluate
Only way how you can get better next time is to evaluate your performance, learn on your mistakes and identify areas where you can grow and improve. Watch the recorded version of your webinar, make notes and ask other people or professionals for their help and opinion. Go to your software and generate some reports that will give you stats on attendance, audience engagement, survey results, etc.

Learn on your mistakes, keep the good things and start planning your next successful webinar.

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