Millennials and GenZ, I need your help!

Millennials and GenZ, I need your help!

First, thank you for taking a break for a moment to read this post.   It is a pleasure to meet you and I am excited you have taken an interest in the information I have to share.  Because you are reading this post we are already connected on some level and I would love to get to know you better.

Second, I want you to know you are NOT the worst generation.  Don’t let anyone tell you any different.  There are sour grapes in EVERY generation and yours is no different.  As a Millennial and GenZ Mom I am personally tired of hearing how terrible these two generations are and all of the negativity surrounding them.

I have designed a brand new program called “Communication Basics for Millennials and GenZ.”  This program is in both a half day and full day format.  I need your input to continue growing and improving this program.  Gaining feedback directly from individuals in your generation will greatly help me.

As I continue to interview Millennials and GenZ I am finding there is a definite gap in communication style that we all need to be aware of.  Our newest generations have access to technology at a very young age like we have never seen before.  Technology is not going to disappear one day.  We must learn to embrace it in the workforce and learn to communicate with each other while allowing technological advances to enhance that communication.

During the last 3 months of my research the biggest complaint from our youngest generations who are entering the work force is that communicating up a generation is often frustrating because it is slow.  Millennials entering the work force are often able to quickly identify a much more effective process or procedure in a very short period of time.  However, they find the older generations are often reluctant to embrace their ideas because a new technology may be involved.  I have often been told that older generations don’t give our young folks much credence or support because the gap in communication is still quite cavernous.

Please help me achieve my research goals so this program may be shared globally.  We must start accepting, encouraging and supporting younger generations, along side new technology, into the work force.

Perhaps you have keen ideas on how to help accomplish this goal, then get in touch via and please take the 2 Question Survey below: