Paint By Numbers… For Presentations!!


Do you remember Paint By Numbers?  I sure do!!


I learned to paint, as a very young person in the 1970’s, using various Paint By Numbers kits.  I remember feeling like a Pro when jubilantly presenting my artwork to family members for their undying approval and praise.


My most sincere condolences to the family of Dan Robbins.  A few weeks ago our Director of Business Management, Bradley Dick, sent an email stating he received the news Dan Robbins had passed.  The news of Mr. Robbins’ death renewed long term memories of childhood and Paint by Numbers.


Paint By Numbers

As I was discussing Paint By Numbers with our Business Manager, we both had and epiphany.

Everything Webinar, LLC has created a very simple structure to help in designing presentations.  We are “Paint By Numbers” for Presentations.  We have taken a very complicated design process and simplified it; just like Max Klein and Dan Robbins did all those years ago.


Does your presentation begin with a “Placeholder” and end with a “Let’s Connect” slide?  Have you considered using “Gray Out Builds” if you need a bulleted list?  These are just a couple of the questions we answer during our training programs and LinkedIn Genius Lab for Virtual Leaders meetings.  Sign up for the Lab!


If your presentations are not built with Principles of Adult Learning Theory in mind you are making a mistake.  Most adult learners I train and coach simply cannot figure out why they lose the audience attention by the end of the meeting or presentation.  If you struggle with maintaining virtual attention please reach out and share your story with our team on Twitter  @virtualengage @kimberliallen or Instagram @everythingwebinar

We teach you how to structure a presentation from start to finish using the most engaging format available on the market.

When your presentation is structured well it builds confidence.  Your presentations will no doubt gain lots of recognition once they are professionally structured using a template created by leading industry experts.


Here is a link to the free version of the Virtual Presentation Design Template


If you would like to know more about webinar training get in contact with us today!


About the author: Kimberli Allen

About the author: Kimberli Allen

Kimberli Allen, Principal and Founder of Everything Webinar, LLC, is an international communication and presentation skills expert. She has acquired 20+ years experience as a corporate trainer, coach and entrepreneur (both virtual and in-person). Kimberli has designed numerous customized training programs, worked with such clients as Nike, Cisco, GlaxoSmithKline, and TAB Products, and personally coached thousands of clients in more than 32 countries. When Kimberli is not leading a training program or launching new products to enhance communication and presentation skills around the globe, you can find her competing in a duathlon or triathlon with her two daughters.