3Plus International Webinar Critique


Webinar critique specifically tailored to meet the demands and needs of 3Plus International members, their employees and staff. 3Plus membership required.

Whether you’re just beginning to consider virtual presentations or are more of a veteran, one of our seasoned experts will work you to take your virtual presentation skills to the next level. After working with us, you won’t ever again be concerned whether participants are:

  • Stumped by the technology
  • Expecting BORING, before the meeting begins
  • Muting you
  • Reading email
  • Rolling their eyes, or
  • Simply checked out


You walk through each and every stage of your virtual presentation, from pre-event planning to post-event follow up, getting feedback and suggestions along the way.

You begin with a review of all emails and social media communications, invitations and registration process. We will log in 15 minutes prior to your event start time, remains logged in up to one hour, and stays for live post-event debrief and feedback with you. Then…


A comprehensive 3-4 page report covering the following categories:

  • Event summary
  • Logistics
  • Evite
  • Event details
  • Pre-event
  • Live event
  • Event close
  • Post-event follow up

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