Effective Call Center Communication for Non-Native English Speakers

Engaging with our Training Team as your premiere choice for in-person and virtual call center communication skills will be an experience you and your employees will NEVER FORGET.

Whether you have experienced low feedback scores, experienced low employee morale or you desire to take your employees’ experience to the next level to achieve higher customer retention rates we are the team to meet your needs.

Kimberli Allen (owner and founder) has trained and/or coached over 7,500 individuals in 32 countries for companies such as Cisco, Philips, IBM, Motorola and many more. Her uniquely combined Hollywood background, corporate experience and 14 years as a small business owner has allowed her to accumulate over 30 years of stage and real-life presentation experience. Kimberli and her team will not only help you navigate your current communication landscape but they will provide a safe, fun working environment allowing your team to grow and become more articulate and confident.

Areas of focus include (but are not be limited to):

► Accent correction and articulation to American English audiences
► Building speech lexicons according to your industry
► Cross-cultural communication standards
► De-escalation techniques for angry customers
► Increasing your credibility and personal effectiveness as a call center employee
► Voice coaching (tone, inflection, pace, volume, posture, un-words, etc)
► How to effectively engage a customer for higher retention rates
► Choosing the best approach to meet the needs of your audience
► How to channel speaker apprehension
► Basic body language and facial expressions for virtual meetings
► Technical skills for enhanced virtual communications
► Making the paradigm shift from in-person to virtual communications
*Multi-session and package discounts available


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