Event Production Assist


An Event Production Assist provides assistance during a live webinar when you or your team require additional minimal support. This is the best option for individuals or teams who feel confident their content has been successfully repurposed for the virtual environment but would like reassurance their event will run smoothly. Let us facilitate so you can show up and shine!

Services included:

  • Live event up to one hour
  • Full dress rehearsal 1-2 days prior, up to one hour
  • Same assigned producer for dress rehearsal and live event
  • Producer who can also moderate
  • Producer will facilitate polls, Q&A, break out rooms, etc.

*Please note*

  1. This service assumes you have completed the following:
  2. You have chosen a virtual collaboration service provider
  3. At least 1 dry run with completed content
  4. Tech check and you have verified audio and computer equipment meets the standards as required by your virtual collaboration service provider
  5. All content including polls, live questions and any other audience interaction have been designed