Train the Virtual Trainer

Becoming a virtual trainer requires a skillset that is developed over time. Whether you are merely considering becoming a Virtual Trainer as a new career or you are already a seasoned professional seeking to adapt your in-person training skills to the virtual environment this program is essential.

Train the virtual trainer program will help you learn the basic and advanced skills necessary to shine as a virtual training expert.


The objective of this training program is to expose you to all aspects of becoming successful in the virtual training environment.

Do you wonder if your remote classes are attaining the highest engagement rates?

This train the virtual trainer program will help you gain a broad understanding of how each of these areas is successfully developed and incorporated in virtual academic environments.

*The Trainer Mindset

*Virtual Training 101

*Tools of Engagement for Trainers

*Rules of Engagement for Adult Learners

*Rules of Engagement for Millennials and GenZ 

*Your Trainer Superpower

This program is customized. Please reach out to or complete our Contact Us form for more details.