Virtual Office Audit


Your company has spent years and countless resources including money, energy and time building a brand that your customers love and respond to. But is your newly remote workforce killing your brand with their lackluster, makeshift work from home “Virtual Offices?”

93% of those surveyed answered “Yes.”  Now that your workforce has transitioned to Virtual, it’s time for your key team members to enhance their Work From Home office space.  Now is also the time to reconsider how they might be perceived on camera while video conferencing and interacting online with your customers and prospects.


Everything Webinar Virtual Office Audit

Finely polished virtual skills can help you advance and enhance your current professional profile.  You have made the right choice in seeking expert guidance in learning this highly specialized skillset.

Whether you opt in for the Basic Virtual Office Audit, or the Advanced Virtual Office Audit, your company will protect the considerable investment you’ve made in creating a unique Brand.  An audit will help to ensure key team members and their home office configurations are setting the business up for success, and not sabotaging your brand.

Our TEAM of Virtual Office Auditors will guide you through a 30 minute, 7 step process to help you gain key insight into the new virtual landscape.


The objective of a “Virtual Office Audit” is to review the virtual office setup and on camera performance for you and/or your key employees, one 30 minute session at a time. Through 1:1 coaching your personally assigned Auditor will make on the spot recommendations about important elements such as:

  • Webcam and/or laptop camera position and angle
  • Optimum lighting for video conferencing in your unique space
  • How to declutter or rearrange the background in minutes
  • Microphone test
  • Ambient noise check
  • Confirm audio settings via computer and phone
  • Body language/facial expressions on camera vs. in person


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