Presentation Structure Template & User Guide


Amazing. Engaging. Effective. These are just a few of the terms to describe well designed webinars, in-person and virtual presentations.

If you’re wondering whether your audience uses terms like Amazing, Engaging and Effective to describe your virtual presentations, you are not alone!

Introducing the complete Presentation Structure Template from Everything Webinar. Not just a walk-through or how-to, our Presentation Structure Template is a “fill-in-the-blanks” training tool that takes the headache out of creating a presentation. The companion User Guide answers any questions on what goes where in the Template, so you can create the best presentation possible and get those “Amazings” you’re looking for.

Each step covers one slide, from the “Welcome” Slide to the “Thank You” and “Let’s Connect.” Learn what goes on each slide, what to cover, and how long each section should take. Built on the Principles of Adult Learning Theory, it’s everything you need to deliver an engaging, effective presentation every time. Beta Testers of this Template & User Guide reported time savings of 30% to 50% in the overall presentation design process!