Reluctantly Redundant – You may need to say it TWICE

Reluctantly Redundant, Superficially Superfluous, Alluringly Alliant, Conscientiously Content, Lusciously Lenient.………….shall I go on?  As much as I LOVE alliterations; much the same as the next linguist, this post isn’t about that.  It is about the part of the subtitle that says;  You may need to say it TWICE. 

The beauty of redundancy.  Or shall we say Redundancy is Beautiful?  Or, simply, let’s find the beauty in redundancy. 

I don’t know about you but I was raised in a family culture wherein the parents stated “if I have to tell you TWICE you are obviously not listening!”  I cannot tell you how difficult it is for me (even after more than 20 years of professional training experience) to repeat words to drive home a concept or ask a question once again.  It makes no difference whether the audience is passive (as in a recorded webinar) or an active audience (as in a live in person/live webinar presentation).  I have to remind myself “you are not the child, you are not going to be in trouble for asking the question twice or stating the concept twice.”

Time for questions

Often times, I can look into an audience of adult learners and see “furrowed” brows.  Since I am an experienced trainer I now know this is almost always a clue that the individual simply did not hear what I said or they have a question but are afraid to ask for assistance.  I now know to simply re-state the concept in a more simple terms and/or reach out proactively to see if there are any questions I might be able to answer.  I always offer the option to my adult learners to question me during breaks,  lunch or even private chat (during a webinar) in the event they do not feel comfortable asking live questions. 

This speaks directly to one of the concepts I have been teaching for years.  KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! This simple concept is something I have said before and I will continue focus on as long as a I have a listening audience.  This concept is key. 

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Even if you have shared your success story in the past I don’t mind the beauty of redundancy!

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