Set yourself up for success when attending a webinar


When it comes to webinars or training sessions you always want to set yourself up for success!


These days you can attend training sessions and webinars with many different devices that are out there. You can use the mobile devices on your phone or tablet, these are great for joining webinars and training sessions, but some may lack the key functions the presenters maybe using during the session.


I’ve been on many calls where the attendees all log in with a mobile device from a remote location and they weren’t prepared to interact during the session. That will derail the session and you won’t get as much out of the content as you should.

Although those mobile devices are great to use if you need to be interactive during the webinar or training session, you may want to log in with a desktop or a laptop. This will allow you to use all the features that are available in the session, you can then be successful in what you are doing!

If you join these sessions from a noisy location that may limit you on being able to come off mute and interact during the call, I’ve seen this many times. It’s always a great idea to know where you’re going to be when attending the meeting, and if you can’t help being in a noisy location then pay attention to how you can chat during these sessions.


attending a webinar


You can be successful in the sessions by using the chat panels or Q&A panels to interact during the call. I’ve seen a session before go from zero Q&A’s all the way to 250 Q&A’s that came in through the call because the attendees weren’t sure and were comfortable putting questions into the Q&A panel.

Once they saw all the questions coming in they started asking questions and we end up with 250 Q&A questions.





My point is being on audio is great but if you can’t, or that’s not an option for you, always pay attention how you can interact with the interface.


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About the author: Jerry Chiea

About the author: Jerry Chiea

Jerry Chiea is Everything Webinar Virtual Event and Training Specialist. Jerry has been in the training industry since 1996. He really enjoy’s working with customers and helping them become successful through training and webinar production support. Through his role as a trainer Jerry strives to understand the needs of the learners so he can tailor the training to target how they learn. The same thing can be said for all the virtual events that he has supported over the last 16 years. When you are supporting live webinars, they are all different, from who is presenting to the audience. What drives him in what he does? It is the satisfaction he gets from helping someone overcome and own something they needed to learn and master.