Step outside of your comfort zone and into new opportunities

It takes just one person to believe in you to open new opportunities


Let’s meet two women who were given new opportunities to shine and excel 


new opportunities


Let’s hear from Nicola Jesse

The virtual world is where I have been working for the last 12 years so I was ready and prepared for the transition to the virtual world that so many had to do when faced by the pandemic. As a Virtual Assistant I specialise in company branding and streamlining and digital marketing along with the administration and business support services you would expect from a VA. I really felt I had enough skills to stay present in the virtual world and have always be keen to learn and adapt along with my clients. What happened next during lockdown came as a surprise to me, it was initially a very daunting prospect!

I have worked for Everything Webinar since 2012, starting my journey with social media support, then I took on more administration services, working on website content, and digital marketing. My role within Everything Webinar evolved, and it has been an amazing journey working with such a fabulous team, while being very supported by the CEO Kimberli Allen. Everything Webinar is a woman owned business which has just had its 16th birthday, the company is driven by Kimberli’s passion to teach the world Webinar and Virtual Engagement Skills.

A few weeks into lockdown Kimberli approached me with exciting new opportunities – Live Event Production!

Stepping out of the comfort zone

My first reaction was gratitude that Kimberli would consider me for such a role, then the second reaction was utter fear! I was faced with these thoughts going through my mind:

😮How on earth can I find the time to train with my current workload, home schooling, running a home etc.!

😌What if the audience cannot understand me, my accent (British English is my L2), and the speed of my speech!

😲Can I really manage the technology?

😔I don’t want to let the team down, but not stepping up wasn’t an option.


As always Kimberli had such a faith in me, she told me that I would be fantastic, the team would support me and I should go for it, which I did!

My first live production event was, to be honest, terrifying; but I made it through with support from two amazing women Kimberli Allen who inspired and had faith in me, and Barb Potter who was the Trainer for that first session who is always calm, supportive and professional.  I have now been ‘The Producer’ on numerous live training events,  and feel so pleased with myself that I took on a new challenge, stepped outside my comfort zone even in uncertain times.

It just takes someone to believe in you, give you an opportunity and find that confidence and drive within you. Thank you Kimberli Allen and Everything Webinar 😊


new opportunities


Let’s Hear from Barb Potter

I have personally appreciated the opportunity given to me by Everything Webinar, and specifically Kimberli Allen, to pivot from Training and Development management and production into a live Trainer role.  This role has proven so much fun and personally rewarding. Kimberli believed I could excel as a trainer and gave me the opportunity to shine.

Fortunately I have worked for a Leader in the past who understands how to lead.  This team is no different.  Our Leader of Everything Webinar actually leads and values a team who actually functions as a team!

New opportunities to shine and excel

Because of my relationship with Everything Webinar I have been able to apply my newly strengthened skillset to other clients and new contracts.  The ability to have a reference point for my proven skillset as a trainer is strong and valued by new prospects.  I know I will have a great referral for new potential contracts.  To have a leader that believes in me is money in the bank!!

Since I was given the opportunity to pivot and strengthen my skills I will be able to gain additional revenue for my own business this year and potentially in the years to come.  I highly encourage you to think deeply about being flexible and adaptable to bring in additional contracts.  Adaptable employees in the current #WFH climate are especially desirable.

When I was asked “Would you refer others to EW for Employment”  I immediately replied “Absolutely!”  You would be well served to interview for any position with this company.  You will report to Leadership that is tight and tough but once you have their trust they will do everything they can to promote you and help you grow and learn.


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About the author: Everything Webinar

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