Take the challenge like a true leader


As you know at Everything Webinar we LOVE to teach precision communication and presentation skills around the globe.  Just the other day I challenged Jeff Gross to craft his company message in less than two sentences (or 25 words) so the message could be easily shared.


Jeff took the challenge and completed the task like a true leader.  Read on to see Jeff’s message in just 7 words!! Great job Jeff!”


I was recently asked to explain Servant Leadership in 25 words or less. To me, Servant Leadership is so much more than just 25 words. I created a Servant Leadership word cloud to help me boil down this incredible opportunity for personal, team, and company growth. As I reflected on the Servant Leadership cultural building blocks of trust, respect, listening, empathy, caring, engagement, and empowerment. The cloud spoke to me:


true leader


Servant Leadership empowers leaders to empower others


There, just seven simple words that can rock your business and personal world to its Servant Leadership core. Drop the mic; Jeff has left the building. How would you explain Servant Leadership in 25 words or less?


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