The Ice Bucket Effect

 Ice Bucket Effect – A Virtual Lifesaver!


Lately – the entire world has been challenged by the concept of connectivity and how formal and informal business meetings can be conducted. The constant hustle and bustle of technological connectivity and the pandemic being the cherry on top, it is best understood that everything is essential very virtual. Now, this has only developed with the rise of the pandemic shifting seminars to webinars, physical classes to online classes and office meetings to zoom meetings – all of this might sound extremely cumbersome but, Everything Webinar is here to the rescue! Now, whether it be a Zoom meeting that is done in order to set the path straight for the upcoming business plans or it may be an online training to the employees that you’re providing, you NEED engagement.


Finely polished virtual skills can help you advance and enhance your current professional profile


Engagement Rates – How and Why

By engagement, it is referred that the audience is fully submerged into the message you’re trying to pass through the limitation of screens. Being able to amass engagement rates is an art, and Everything Webinar wants to help all of you become the Picasso of it. Engagement rates are the prime concept that need to be enhanced for the best of speakers and meeting hosts out there, which is why here’s a fantastic ‘hack’ that can be efficiently handy in order to bring a kick-start to those engagement rates and elevate the virtual meetings into life-changing experiences. This is what we call – the Ice Bucket Effect. The Ice Bucket Effect is not to be mistaken with cold shudders being sent down your spine, but a tactic that allows one to be far more engaged and delved into the online webinar that is being conducted, ultimately having a positive impact on the virtual engagement rates. Now, before we explicitly reveal the best-kept secret, we need you to understand what the most common mistakes are when it comes to the lack of engagement rates and the lower virtual visibility whilst one conducts an online session. You probably couldn’t guess it, but it’s the nose.


The Core Problem

Most laptop cameras are positioned in a manner that encapsulates the nose rather than allowing one to entirely look into the camera with eyes, being a total disaster towards the engagement rates and the audience is unable to form a connection with whatever the context is of the discussion. Further, ask a few questions to yourself – is your head correctly positioned in the camera? Or is there a big chance that you are halfway in and halfway out of the camera frame? To test this, put your fist on top of your head and undoubtedly, most of you would either have the fist entirely out of the vision or would have it way beyond it – both of these are wrong when it comes to allowing yourself to be put in the spotlight for the audience that is going to view you through the comfort of their screens. This is where the Ice Bucket Effect comes in handy.


The Ice Bucket Effect – a Lifesaver

The Ice Bucket Effect can only be put in place when you use an actual Ice Bucket. Your Ice Bucket is supposed to go right under your monitor or laptop, in order to create a fine balance and a leveled approach when your eyes are in the webcam which provides a more sober approach to business meetings and voila, your engagement rates would quadruple within the first attempt itself. The key giveaway is that you do not need to make any heavy purchase in order to seamlessly increase the engagement rates – you don’t need to hire someone or change your device, the fix is lying right in our homes itself. The Ice Bucket is not the Holy Grail, but leveling the camera and positioning it in a proper manner is. You can place a box, a rack of books or just anything that effectively frames your face and puts your eyes right into the webcam, which is when the audience would be able to connect on a far more advanced level and it would also increase your confidence amidst the virtual world of meetings.


Do not hesitate to incorporate the Ice Bucket to your next meeting and let the engagement rates flow in!


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