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One Element You Are Missing


If your organization has not written an official Virtual Policy we should talk….  Reach out to us!


There is no doubt COVID-19 has forced our planet to consider a new working environment, whatever that may look like in terms of #workingremotely #virtualoffice #onelinemeetings #WFH #virtualworkforce #remoteoffice, etc.

Since December of 2019 our company has been successfully converting in-person events to the virtual environment.  We have helped to convert over 2000 humans who intended to attend in-person events to over 2000 humans who are happily attending the same events online via @Zoom @CiscoWebex @GoToWebinar @on24 @xtendevents and many more..

The companies we have worked with who have been the most successful are the companies who already had a Virtual Policy in place, or were willing to take the time to write a new Virtual Policy as a result of COVID-19.  These companies range from Small Business (less than 10 employees) to Fortune 100 companies.  To write a Virtual Policy that is congruent with your company Vision and Mission Statements usually costs less than you would spend on hotel and airfare for one employee for one trade-show during the year.



There is one element to any Virtual Policy that is almost ALWAYS missing when our TEAM is integrated into the consulting process.  Here it is: The Team Operating Agreement.  You can read more here: Create Your Virtual Team Operating Agreement


If would would like to receive an editable PDF of a TOA you can download contact our team 


If you or your Executive Team have considered incorporating a TOA please contact us to schedule a FREE Needs Assessment.  This FREE Needs Assessment will provide valuable insight into your current team structure and exactly which elements you should consider adding for a high performing virtual team.

Here are the elements of any effective Virtual Policy:

  1. ✅ Team Operating Agreement
  2. ✅ Virtual Office Audits (Basic & Advanced)
  3. ✅ Emergency Preparedness
  4. ✅ Successor Legacy Administration
  5. ✅ Virtual Task Delegation


In summary, a Virtual Policy co-written and administered with Executive Leadership teams is an action to be considered in today’s #WFH climate.  If you have read this far, you may be an Executive Leader,  a manager or a Team Lead.  In any circumstance, the consideration you exert to build a cohesive Virtual team will inevitably yield a high performing team according to Bruce Tuckman’s Model


Here is another valuable resource:

Lee Johnsen Closing Gaps in Workplace Performance


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About the author: Kimberli Allen

About the author: Kimberli Allen

Kimberli Allen, Principal and Founder of Everything Webinar, LLC, is an international communication and presentation skills expert. She has acquired 20+ years experience as a corporate trainer, coach and entrepreneur (both virtual and in-person). Kimberli has designed numerous customized training programs, worked with such clients as Nike, Cisco, GlaxoSmithKline, and TAB Products, and personally coached thousands of clients in more than 32 countries. When Kimberli is not leading a training program or launching new products to enhance communication and presentation skills around the globe, you can find her competing in a duathlon or triathlon with her two daughters.