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One Element You Are Missing


If your organization has not written an official Virtual Policy we should talk….  Reach out to us!


There is no doubt COVID-19 has forced our planet to consider a new working environment, whatever that may look like in terms of #workingremotely #virtualoffice #onelinemeetings #WFH #virtualworkforce #remoteoffice, etc.

Since December of 2019 our company has been successfully converting in-person events to the virtual environment.  We have helped to convert over 2000 humans who intended to attend in-person events to over 2000 humans who are happily attending the same events online via @Zoom @CiscoWebex @GoToWebinar @on24 @xtendevents and many more..

The companies we have worked with who have been the most successful are the companies who already had a Virtual Policy in place, or were willing to take the time to write a new Virtual Policy as a result of COVID-19.  These companies range from Small Business (less than 10 employees) to Fortune 100 companies.  To write a Virtual Policy that is congruent with your company Vision and Mission Statements usually costs less than you would spend on hotel and airfare for one employee for one trade-show during the year.



There is one element to any Virtual Policy that is almost ALWAYS missing when our TEAM is integrated into the consulting process.  Here it is: The Team Operating Agreement.  You can read more here: Create Your Virtual Team Operating Agreement


If would would like to receive an editable PDF of a TOA you can download contact our team 


If you or your Executive Team have considered incorporating a TOA please contact us to schedule a FREE Needs Assessment.  This FREE Needs Assessment will provide valuable insight into your current team structure and exactly which elements you should consider adding for a high performing virtual team.

Here are the elements of any effective Virtual Policy:

  1. ✅ Team Operating Agreement
  2. ✅ Virtual Office Audits (Basic & Advanced)
  3. ✅ Emergency Preparedness
  4. ✅ Successor Legacy Administration
  5. ✅ Virtual Task Delegation


In summary, a Virtual Policy co-written and administered with Executive Leadership teams is an action to be considered in today’s #WFH climate.  If you have read this far, you may be an Executive Leader,  a manager or a Team Lead.  In any circumstance, the consideration you exert to build a cohesive Virtual team will inevitably yield a high performing team according to Bruce Tuckman’s Model


Here is another valuable resource:

Lee Johnsen Closing Gaps in Workplace Performance


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