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1 on 1 Coaching Sessions and Virtual Presentation Design Template and User Guide
Getting ready for a webinar or a live web presentation? We can help you pick the right tools for it. Webinars vary in types and targeted audience sizes. We don’t recommend you to use the same tool every time. Learn to adapt to your audience needs. There are many differences in the platforms you use and they are also chosen according to the type of the webinar or online presentations you organize. They could be annything from:

  • Training sessions – perhaps you are a business coach and you are organizing a session for a small group of people. Webinar format is ideal for you to transfer your skills and knowledge to participants.
  • Training courses – the next logical step after single sessions. You have your subscribers and you need a tool that is able to identify active subscribers.
  • Q&A panels with other experts – maybe your company brought in an expert that will be interviewed by attendees. You need to set up a “one to many” platform that can be used by everyone.
  • Coaching and mentoring – most of the time we are thinking about webinars as something used for group presentations. Why not using them in your one-on-one coaching sessions.

Here is short list of webinar tools we recommend you try:

citrix logo

Citrix GoToMeeting

Web conferencing software with highly intuitive interface. It is very easily integrated with your Microsoft Office suite, so basically you can setup web meetings from a Word document. It will also give you the possibility of multiple users editing the same document. Video conferencing is supported for up to 6 users, so it is ideal for smaller groups.
IBM Logo

IBM SmartCloud Meetings

This webinar software gives you the ability to upload all your material to the virtual room before the meeting and present from there or you can share them directly from you PC and edit them in front of other participants. It will also send a short summary of the meeting to all participants after webinar has ended.
webex lgo

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Online meeting application with great range of functionalities. It gives you the possibility to import documents to the meeting, share screen or even use a virtual whiteboard.
Team Viewer Logo

Team Viewer

Antoher easy to use tool that can be used for webinars and online conferencing. It will also enable you to share your screen, video and audio files, or join meetings from your iOS and Android devices.

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