What is a webinar?

Webinar definition:

Webinar is a seminar conducted over the Internet.
Virtual Environment
Webinar is a live event or a meeting that takes place over the Internet, hosted by a company or individual and is broadcast to a selected group of people.

Webinar can be a presentation, lecture, workshop or a seminar.

Interactivity with your audience can be achieved by using video conferencing tools or software – you can read more about them here.

With webinar tools you can combine graphics with voice and/or video, and you can use interactive elements like polling/voting, chat, hand raising, document sharing, etc.


Webinar is providing you with ability to give, receive and discuss information.
The interactive elements of a webinar are providing you with ability to give, receive and discuss information. This is the reason why webinars today are superior to older and more classical ways of doing your presentations, seminars or lectures. Not to mention that you can bring people together without travel or other expenses.

Interactivity is also one thing that differentiates a webinar from a webcast, which typically indicates a broadcast-only presentation where audience can only watch and listen.


Remember to bring your headphones with microphone.
In order to participate in a webinar you need speakers or headphones, and keep in mind that there are other people participating as well, so be ready to go when the session begins.

And remember that a real value from a webinar is your voice discussing a topic, while you are giving a possibility for large audience to benefit from a piece of content, in a modern, fun and interactive way.

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