What training method is best? It depends!

Are you trying to figure out the best methods to most effectively train your team?


Simulator Training

If the desired training is for flying an airplane, a helicopter, heavy vehicle like cranes or the like, or operating within an active shooter situation, using a virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) simulator is the best way without spending a bunch of money. While a simulator may cost a bit more it is highly programmable for different scenarios, machines, situations, etc. It helps to sharpen the subconscious mind and develop the muscle memory needed. One such system that crosses over into the head mounted computer space is the Realwear HMT-1 #realwear. It is quite unique and fun to use.

Law enforcement officer (LEO) and military training includes many contingent unplanned variables that must be planned for regardless of the mission or situation. In the case of a shooter situation having potential lives in danger poses a new but unlikely hazard. Having a crowd of civilians present that can be harmed by the shooter if it went the wrong way is a real unplanned event and must be accommodated in training scenarios.

This sort of training is critical for the eyes and mind to see and sense when something doesn’t feel right. Developing that sixth sense or gut feel is important to any first responder like an officer, soldier or Marine.


Training Method


Webinar Training

If training is needed for other aspects of professions like facts, figures, concepts, techniques or methodologies then the best way is to use a webinar to perform that training function. After learning the head knowledge and techniques then scenario practice would be the next step. Examples of this would be sales and interviewing techniques that include role playing, questions and answers,

All companies go through this process in trying to figure out the best methods to most effectively train their people. Deciding the best way to train is a subjective decision for executives. Many aspects come into play but includes; time, travel, audience, subject matter, professional level of employee, equipment training, etc. I suggest an exhaustive decision process to ensure all variables and personnel are covered. Webinars can take place from anywhere in the world as long as the proper bandwidth is available.

Regardless of where your staff is located a webinar makes the most cost-effective sense. When a webinar is properly developed, and the content is approached with accuracy it becomes the best way to train others. One webinar template for creating webinars is available through ‘Everything Webinar#everythingwebinar . It is quite affordable and is well thought of in the industry.

I was first exposed to this template a few months ago and have the highest level of appreciation for their format and methods. They are right on the money. I know of no other template like this on the market presently. A properly formatted webinar is worth its weight in gold. They carry the least cost to perform and only rely on a good internet connection.


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About the author: Jon Gruett

About the author: Jon Gruett

As a tech savvy, effective leader Jon is highly focused and committed to nurturing executive relationships, project planning, strategy deployment and implementation. Being a US Navy veteran he is highly resourceful, motivated and quality conscious with very effective problem solving skills.